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The Team



Serena Robar

Founder & CEO

Serena is a game industry veteran and accomplished author with a focus on production, narrative design, and community management of online games for major licensed brands including Marvel, Star Wars, Pokémon, and Minecraft. Not only is she one of the few women leaders in the games industry but she’s also a published author with Simon & Schuster and Penguin.


Serena started her career focused on community management and community marketing for game developers at Gazillion Entertainment and The Pokémon International company. In those roles, she managed everything from CX for first-time gamers to strategy for online communities.


As Vice President at Area 52 Games, Serena led production on several game titles including Star Wars: Attack Squadron, managing production workflow and relationships with several external agencies as well as with partners such as LucasArts.


She has also served as Director of Production at Good Games and then Senior Producer/Program Manager of Network Platform for Wargaming Seattle. In 2019, she co-founded AuthorDigital and Arcadia Games as CEO where she’s drawing on her vast leadership experience to integrate the worlds of writing, games, and streaming entertainment.

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Bill Roper

Founder & CCO

Bill has been a well-known figure in the global gaming industry since 1994. He’s built a solid reputation on his strong relationships with developers, publishers, press, and gamers.

Bill was a VP at Blizzard Entertainment and as part of the Blizzard executive team his contributions were instrumental in the launch and success of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises. He went on to be a co-founder and CEO of Flagship Studios. He has also served as CCO at Cryptic studios, a VP within the interactive group at The Walt Disney Company, and CCO at Improbable Worlds in London, England.


In March of 2019, Bill returned to the United States to co-found and assume the role of CCO at AuthorDigital and Arcadia Games. His focus is on creating worlds that are rich in story and games that reward exploration, experimentation, and sharing.


Bill has been a featured speaker at a wide variety of conferences for over 25 years including the Game Developer Conference and DICE in the United States and the EU. He has also been a featured speaker in South Korea, China, Japan, and throughout Europe. He lives and plays with his wife, son, and 2 cats in the beautiful and rainy Pacific Northwest.

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Jason Robar

Founder & CPO

Jason is a game industry veteran who has created online casual, MMOG titles for PC and Xbox360, built multiple international independent studios, and created games for major licensed brands - including Star Wars and Marvel.


Jason’s career started in Intelligence Operations for the United States Air Force and after leaving the military, he took on the role of Lead Program Manager and Game Technology Evangelist at Microsoft. As one of the original 6 members of the DirectX team, he was responsible for establishing relationships between Microsoft and game publishers and developers worldwide.


Jason has founded several studios, including Secret Lair Studios in Seattle and Studio Ch’in in Shanghai (acquired by Vivendi Games), AristoDigital, The Amazing Society, Area 52 Games, and AuthorDigital. He also built a mobile game RPG studio for Good Games Studios in Hamburg, Germany.


A lifelong learner and mentor, Jason has also worked with non-profit organizations to spur entrepreneurship as well as curated conference content for the technology news outlet, VentureBeat. He has been a featured speaker at a wide variety of conferences for over 20 years including the Game Developer Conference and been a special guest speaker internationally in South Korea, China, and throughout Europe.

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